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Sparkle Works Power Washing is also Augusta Georgia’s first choice for soft washing and roof cleaning services. We use low pressure and bio-degradable detergents to safely and effectively remove the algae, mold, mildew, and moss from the exterior of your home and property. Using low pressure ensures that we will not damage your home’s siding or roof’s shingles. Low pressure soft washing is quickly becoming the new way to clean the exterior of a house or roof. We never have to step a foot on your home’s roof to clean it! And we never have to use high pressure to clean the exterior siding of your home. Call Sparkle Works today for more information on our soft washing services in Augusta, GA.

Important tips to consider when hiring a roof cleaning team.

The roof is one of the most important parts of the home, but too often, we tend to neglect it. Without proper attention and cleaning though, it can become dirty, a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, and could become damaged, so that water gets into your home. Proper cleaning of the roof helps to keep the roof looking great and free of debris. Cleaning from professionals can help to increase the lifespan of your roof as well. However, you have to make sure you are choosing the best possible roof cleaning company for the job. Here are some tips so you can be sure you are always working with the best.

What Does the Company Do?

A number of different techniques and options are available for roof cleaning and house cleaning. What does the company you are considering use? Do you have a choice of what type of cleaning to have? Will the company take the time to explain the different options and help you understand why one method might be better for your property than another method? In addition to cleaning the roof, does the company offer gutter cleaning and other gutter services?

Who Are They?

Does the roof cleaning company have experience working with different types of roofs? Know what type of knowledge the professionals are bringing to the table, and make sure they have the proper licensing and insurance. Check out their BBB rating, and perhaps look up some testimonials and reviews of the company so you can see what it might be like to work with them. The more you learn about the company and how they operate the better. Checking online reviews is a great way to learn quite a bit about the company.

When you speak with the company and their representatives, make sure they are truly professional in the way they deal with you and how they answer your questions. They should never be dismissive, and they should do their best to help you get answers to your questions.

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Pressure Washing VS. Soft Washing

The difference between pressure washing and soft washing is 3400 PSI! That is right! We use as much pressure as what comes out of your garden hose to clean the exterior of your house or roof. This ensures that there will be absolutely no damage to the exterior of your home or roof. We use NO pressure. Soft washing is quickly becoming the fastest growing cleaning technique for exterior cleaning services because it is safe and effective. Give your home the bath it deserves! Call Sparkle Works Power Washing in Augusta, Georgia today for a free on-site demonstration of our soft washing cleaning techniques.

Here’s the story about high and low pressure

Most people have misconceptions of pressure washing. A commonly held view is that a pressure washer cleans with high pressure on the surface, and a higher PSI rating (pounds per square inch) for a pressure washer equals more cleaning ability. A first time user of a pressure washer will usually try to clean with pressure, if the surface doesn’t come clean, then they will move closer to the surface or use a tip that produces more pressure in an attempt to clean.

Using high pressure to clean can be dangerous to both the user and the surface being cleaned. Painted wood siding can be stripped of paint, soft wood decks can be marred and striped by high pressure, and windows can have there vapor barriers broken from the pressure. High pressure cleaning can also lead to “striping” which is caused by a uneven application of pressure to the surface, resulting in the surface being more “clean” in some areas than others. This can be seen many times as amateurs attempt to clean concrete with a narrow fan tip.

Higher pressure is more difficult to control, and is especially dangerous from a ladder, which amateur washers will use to reach the higher areas of a home. The bottom line however, is high pressure isn’t all that effective in cleaning, especially roof cleaning in Augusta GA

Mold and other stains many times are not budged at all by pressure, but can be easily wiped off with a cloth or brush. But cleaning a home by hand with a brush or cloth is very time consuming.

High pressure cleaning is only effective on hard surfaces such as brick and concrete, even though extremely high pressure can damage the facing on brick and the finish on concrete.

The Secret to Pressure Washing

The north side of a home is covered in green mold. The peak is over 40′ high.
The secret to pressure washing is detergents. Every stain on a home, mold and mildew, grease, red clay, rust etc., has a certain chemical which will break down that stain and allow a pressure washer to rinse it off.

A professional pressure washer knows what detergent will break down each stain, and how to safely apply and use the detergent. Incorrect use of these detergents can cause harm to the user, siding, and plants surrounding the home.

Moderate pressure (2500 – 3500 PSI) can be used to clean certain types of siding (vinyl, hard wood siding) but is only effective using a soap based detergent. A minority of professional pressure washers use this technique.

The side being cleaned is soaped using a detergent tip. The soap is allowed to sit on the surface for a few minutes and loosen the dirt and mold. Then the siding is cleaned from top to bottom overlapping each pass with the fan spray of the pressure washer.

This isn’t very difficult for lower siding, but the high parts of a home must be washed with pressure from 6″-12″ away for the stains to be removed. Every square inch being of the siding must be cleaned this way. To reach the higher areas of a home, a ladder or extension wand must be used.

Professional Soft Washing

The majority of professional pressure washers use a technique called “soft washing”. Typically less than 1000 PSI is used to clean a house. Very little pressure is used, with the surface being cleaned by the detergents applied, and then rinsed by the pressure washer. By using lower pressure, there is less chance of harm to the washer or the surface being cleaned.

Pros first pre-wet any plants and surfaces not being cleaned, then apply their detergent solution on the siding from the bottom up. The solution includes sodium hypochlorite and soap to allow it to cling to the surface more effectively. The solution is allowed to dwell on the surface until all the mold is killed. Any spots still left are hit with a second application of solution.

Once all the mold is gone, the professional washer rinses from the top down and washes all traces of mold and debris from the siding. Then the siding is thoroughly rinsed to remove all soap from the surface, and all plants and other surfaces are thoroughly rinsed with low pressure.

Higher parts of siding are reached using a special tip that can shoot a low pressure stream up to 40 feet. On very high parts a 6 foot extension sometimes is used, but all the washing can be safely from the ground without using ladders.

Houses can be washed faster and more effectively than using the “pressure cleaning” technique. Pros using the “soft washing” technique generally favor pressure washers that put out more gallons per minute (GPM) and have less pressure (PSI).

In summary, smaller one-story vinyl houses can be cleaned by do-it-yourself homeowners using residential machines, however for larger two-story homes with high peaks it is best to hire a professional pressure washing company that utilizes soft washing techniques.

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